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How Hawaii is dealing with its Rental Car Shortage

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As economies around the world reopened following a drop in Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations, tourists couldn’t wait to return to their chosen locations across the globe. Hawaii is one of those places where visitors have been flooding in recent months, trying to make up for the lost time. With inventories at below average, this collection of Islands is finding it hard to cater for all its visitors, especially in the Rental Car sector.

Segments of Hawaii’s visitor industry like hotels, airlines, resort shops, restaurants, and other attraction sites have bounced back to life with the average daily census showing close to 200,000 visitors on the Islands of Hawaii. According to J. D Power’s Travel Industry Research, the shortfall was a result of the country’s largest car rental companies selling off tons of cars in 2020 to cushion the effect and financial blows of the COVID-19 travel restrictions.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority reported in May that the city’s rental car fleet witnessed a 40% decrease during the pandemic. With restrictions now lifted, there are only very few cars available in Hawaii for tourists- who now must pay obscene sums to use them. To cope, several alternatives are being exploited by city administrators and visitors. Rather than pay for vans and moving trucks (which are not condoned in the city), I’ll share legitimate alternatives put in place in some territories in Hawaii. They include.

  • Kauai Transport Options

In Kauai, there is the public transportation option using The Kauai Bus. You can also take advantage of the shuttles/taxi services (Aloha shuttle, Kauai Island shuttle, Kauai Taxi Company, Kauai Transport Service, Worldstar, Polynesian Adventure, etc), rideshares, bikeshare, and bicycle services.

  • Maui Transport Options

The Maui authorities are urging visitors to seek alternatives to rental cars, such as Public Transportation (The Maui Public Bus), Shuttles and Taxi Services (Royal Taxi, West Maui Taxi, Akina Tours and Transport, Polynesian Adventure, etc), Bike Rentals and Rideshares. All of these are geared towards dealing with Hawaii’s rental car Shortage. Most people are only interested in Jeep rentals in Maui, but the main rental companies can not keep up with the demand. Now citizens saw the opportunity to enter the car rental game by listing vehicles on Turo. Turo is a car-sharing app allowing people to book peoples personal cars through the app.

  • Molokai Transport Options

Molokai is another popular tourist destination in Hawaii that has put some measures in place to deal with the rental car shortage. There are mainly two options available; Taxi Services, such as Midnight Taxi and Hele Mai Taxi; and Bike Rentals like the Molokai Bicycle.

  • Oahu Transport Options

Oahu has a pretty long list of Transport Options to ensure visitors and tourists do not only get a pickup ride from the airport to their hotels or vacation homes but can also visit amazing tour site sites attractions during their stay. These include Public Transportation (TheBus), Shuttles/Taxi Services, Sports Car rentals (Aloha Motorsports), Rideshare, BikeShare, and Carshare Services, among others.

  • Lanai Transport Options

Asides from Hotel vehicles and shuttle rental services, Lanai offers two major options for visitors. You can either use the Taxi Service (like the Rabaca’s Limousine Service) and Rideshare Services like Holoholo.

  • Hawai’i Island Transport Options

The Island of Hawai’i comes last on this list, but that doesn’t take anything away from the many options you can take advantage of. Thankfully, this Island has Uber as part of its Rideshare service, along with Lyft and Holoholo. There are also Motorsports rental services, shuttle and taxi services, and Public Transportation by Hele-On.

You’ll often find that the hotel you choose should also have a shuttle, tour, or taxi service that you can take advantage of. While Hawaii Authorities believe it is mostly a temporary pitfall, it doesn’t seem to be getting any better even with summer already here. Although not condoned, private car owners are also beginning to cash in by renting off their cars to visitors.

The rise of Mopeds


Gloom for one, bloom for another. That is the story of the sudden surge in the Moped industry in Hawaii. Customer behavior is changing as Mopeds continue to gain popularity across the Islands. There are several Moped rental services you can use (Find the list here). Although fun, it may not be as convenient as vehicles would. Besides, there’s a rising concern about Moped-related accidents in many parts of Hawaii.

Camping In Maui Guide

Maui, Hawaii Camping Guide

Maui is one of the Hawaiian islands situated in the Central Pacific part of the world and is one of the very few places in the United States where you have the ability to camp inside a volcano or on a beach of black sand. There are good reasons why Maui is renowned for being an island of extremes. As an example, one minute the weather can be dry and hot, and then wet and cold the next minute. Therefore, it is recommended that if you are planning to camp in Maui, that you take the time to plan your trip and research the island’s weather and know what the climate is like in each part of the island.

One thing that is important to note is that you need a camping permit to camp anyplace on the island. So before heading out, make sure to get one first. After doing your research and obtaining your permit, it is then time for you to head on over to Maui’s diverse and beautiful landscape to pitch your tent. If you are searching for the perfect spot, the following are three of the best locations for camping in Maui.

Waianapanapa State Park

This is one of the top camping areas in all of Maui. This park is home to the renowned Pailoa, which is one of the black-sand beaches on the island. It is a destination that all visitors need to see for themselves. Camping there is a unique experience. Explore the hidden swimming holes, freshwater lava cava, tide pools, and pathways that were made for the ancient Hawaiian royals. Wake up in the morning on the jet-black beach of the island while listening to the sound of crashing wash. For those who want to spend the night outside, there is a grassy tent camping section as well as 12 furnished cabins. Available camping amenities include picnic tables, restrooms, and outdoor shoulders. Tent camping cost $18 per night and cabins are $90 per night. Admission is free for children under 2 years old.

Camp Olowalu

This is a privately-owned camp and among the cleanest, highest-rated, and most comfortable camping places on the entire island of Maui. Given that this campsite is privately-owned, the amenities and facilities are maintained better than the public campgrounds are. There is also equipment rental that is available where you can get everything needed to go stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, or kayaking in the reefs nearby. There are several cabins at the campsite that are available. They cost from $750 up to $1,100 per night, and there are also ‘tentalows’ ranging from $80 to $110 per night. Finally, there are beaching tenting sites for $20 per night (bring your own tent). There are also car or RV camping spots for just $20 per night if you would like to camp in your RV or car.

Camp Keanae

This YMCA-run campsite features gorgeous views of the rocky, beautiful Keanae Peninsula. This campsite is just a short walk away from the Keanae Arboretum and an old Hawaiian village. Tent spaces (without tents) can be rented and they also rent bunks in cabins for $25 per person per night. The cabins in the campsite sleep 12 to 60 people. Or you can stay at one of the fully equipped cottages featuring ocean views at the campsite for $165 per night. There is also van and RV parking available. On-site facilities include a gym, a fitness center, a great pond for swimming, two bathhouses, and fire pits.

Maui Campers will have several options for their adventures. There will be plenty of reputable camping gear companies and camper rentals to chose from. Just make sure to read their Google and TripAdvisor reviews before booking.

Exploring Maui

Aloha and Welcome to our site! Two very popular ways to explore Maui is by Jeep rentals and by renting a camper. By far the number 1 rental vehicle is the Jeep on Maui. Rooftop tents are very popular on Maui as well and some camping companies even offer jeeps with rooftop tent options. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing our suggestions and reviews of popular Jeep rental and camper rental companies on the island of Maui.