Pet Friendly Rentals

Pet Friendly Rentals

Your guide to pet friendly vacation rentals, rules and activities

So you are thinking about visiting Maui but can’t bear the thought of leaving Spot at home? He’s part of the family, right? And he needs a vacation, too! Well luckily, the Maui area is a pet friendly place! Just to be clear, we are talking DOGS ONLY and generally smaller dogs are preferred. Unfortunately no properties allow cats, birds, gerbils, etc.

How to Find the Perfect Dog Friendly Home or Villa

There are many vacation homes and villas in Maui that allow dogs. Using the availability tool on the home page, you can begin narrowing your search and once you have found available properties that meet some of your requirements, go to the left navigation, find amenities, and click on pet friendly. Each of the property management companies that list properties on the site have different rules, but all of the companies will charge you and possibly ask you to vacate the premises if you are found to have a pet without their knowledge. When you have found a pet friendly property that suits your needs, it is often best to speak directly with the property management company to go over their specific rules. Being a pet friendly property does not mean you can just bring your dog, as there are charges and rules, such as the size of the dog allowed, whether you can bring more than one, and even restrictions on the time of year they can visit. Non-refundable pet fees (often cleaning fees) for villas range between $75-$150 and homes can range from $150-$200.

Activities on Maui with Dogs

Dog Parks & Trails
Being close to public beaches, nature trails, and rivers as well as pet friendly attractions, your pet will be able to stretch their legs and take in some fresh air while you visit Hawaii. With so much outdoor space, Maui and the surrounding islands may be the perfect destination for you and your pet.

Dog parks are not the only spaces where Spot can run and play. Pets are allowed entry along the beaches and in parks as long as they are leashed. Don’t go exploring without your friend.

Pet Friendly Dining
The weather on Maui is pleasant year-round. Many of the local restaurants have outdoor patio spaces where you and your pooch can easily dine together. Maui is definitely dog friendly, so if you see some patio seating, chances are your dog can join you in that outdoor space.

Tips on Staying in a Rental with Spot

Remember, you are in someone else’s home and the best rule of thumb is to not allow the dogs on the furniture since no one likes dog hair or sand all over beds or couches. If your pooch needs a good bath while here, there are a multitude of groomers that will be happy to give him or her a respectable cleaning! Be considerate and don’t let your dog bark constantly. Bad dog behavior may lead to fines and/or even a request to vacate.

And most importantly, remember to pick up after your pet and dispose of messes properly as there are fines for that too. Now go fetch your vacation rental and have some fun with Spot!